Free calling service for websites

Make your customers call you through your numbers for free without any cost.

When you downloading (PrimaTel) will activate your own number and become all free calls available for your customers and with the same your numbers

After you download (PremaTel) and activating your number, just copy the code below and paste it into the contact area in your site.

Just change the number in the red code to your number:

<p>Free Call <a target="_blank" href="">PremaTel</a>:&nbsp;+442032893031</p>

Free Call PremaTel: +442032893031

Free call service for the users

If you are a user who wants to call in toll free numbers just download (PrimaTel) and then call. If you are a user who wants to make a call with a free phone numbers, just download (PremaTel) and then make a calls as you want.

You can make and receive a calls and send a text messages anytime for free to any person you want in the world via (PrimaTel) or any number beside it (P.N)

You can tell your relatives and friends about PrimaTel to benefit to make a free calls

Download and activate (PrimaTel) very easy doesn’t take a minute and doesn’t want to register or request membership

You can download (PrimaTel) by clicking the links below

Primary key for PrimaTel is (88)

This symbol (P.N) means the PremaTel number