IPTV Headend

PremaTel for information technology can build and management a huge IPTV headend for you, or upgrade it.

IPTV and Video Streaming platform is a full AV/IT software solution built onto HP enterprise class server ensuring high resilience and reliability compared to black box alternatives. Our IPTV headend, which comes with a complete set of management tools, receives, encodes and distributes content across an IP network in digital format, securely to Set Top Boxes, Smart TVs, Personal Computers, Mobile Devices and Thin Clients.

The IPTV headend can capture and ingest content from a wide range of sources including DVB-T/T2, DVB-S/S2, DVB-C – all with the option of CI cards where needed, analogue SD and HD, HDMI, SDI & 3G HD-SDI, ASI, IP Multicast as well as external third party encoders such as IP cameras and external headends.

The IPTV headend is designed as a server based solution with, in general, PCIe cards for the interfaces above, with the majority provided as QUAD input cards to maximise the number of interfaces available in one server – a standard server can host up to 9 interface cards.

This method allows IPTV to provide a single environment hosting all systems and services needed for the majority of solutions, removing the headaches of trying to integrate and support a number of receivers and encoders from different sources.

All streams are output as multicast IPTV transport streams using H.264 or MPEG- We do not recode DVB sources so there is no degradation of the quality that is output by the broadcasters. All analogue encoders use hardware encoding chips so that the load on the server CPU is minimal.


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