IPTV Middleware

Middleware with full PMS integration

Personalized Guest messaging, Folio review and in-room purchase direct billing to the room account are all available to a wide range of pre-certified PMS systems.
In-house service information, Room service advertising and ordering, Local attractions and many more customizable interactive features are available to enhance and promote the property.

PremaTel Interactive TV Features

1. Channel List

You can watch the different channels that have high quality image from each other from various categories and countries. You may create new channel lists and classify the channels on those lists as to guest’s language. Radio: You may listen the appropriate one for you among lots of radio channels and that time watch the slideshows which are compatible with the music. Pleasure of listening music accompanied by different visual images with a lot of different channel opportunities.

2. Room Service

PremaTel provides your clients to investigate and buy products and services which are presented by hotel on TV. Your clients have the chance of exploring while giving an order. Therefore, they may order accurately and smoothly with the help of this opportunity. (For example; you may investigate many delightful and rich menus while giving a food or drink order, so that you may order in accordance with this investigation). This system inhibits service traffic in reception.
Expenses, Information of Bill and Quick Check-Out:
This is the area which your guests display all expenses they have and pay out on IPTV at hotel. It is possible for your guests to see bill about their accommodation from TV and check out on your hotel. This information is possible with integration on PMS system of the corporation.

3. Hotel Info Menu

  • Activities: Your guests are informed about the activities held at the hotel.• Foods and Drinks: Your guests may order food and drink by looking over the hotel menu en detail.• Location: It includes identifier information about the region where the hotel is located.• Rooms: The details about rooms’ features and types of the hotel may be investigated.• Messages: You may communicate via TV messages when you don’t want to disturb your guests.

4. Information Menu

  • Foreign Exchange Rates: Your guests may learn daily exchange rates.• News: It provides the chance of reading news about world, politics, economy, mag, sport and agenda from various newspapers all over the world.• Weather Report: The weather where hotel is located, the cities are closed to the hotel and important centers of the world can be learned daily.• Flights: Your guests may learn flights according to the nearest airport.

5. Video On Demand-VoD

Thanks the feature of Video On Demand-VoD, the films that guests want are broadcasted as paid by the hotel. This category’s content can be watched whenever your guests want or continued after pause. During pause, all other PremaTel services can be used. Since films are categorized, usage and selection is pretty simple. Action, comedy, drama, horror, child, erotic are the basic film categories. All films are presented on DVD quality and with various language selection. With the help of developed video broadcast system, it is provided simultaneous usage reaching to % 100.


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