PremaTel Free

The PremaTel free plan aims to ease the financial burden on international and domestic users, whether voice and video calls or text messages and you can send an images and attachments. It allows you to make a voice and video call with any phone number in the world through PremaTel application, provided that the other party owns the application on his phone.

PrimaTel working with a top high quality, clarity of voice, video, fast text messaging and simple application that is easy to use without any technical or material burdens without any announcements or points.

The free plan is available for voice, video and text messaging within the application for any number in the world uses PrimaTel application.

PrimaTel does not ask you for any information about you or even registration. All you need is to confirm your phone number because it will be associated with the application and your phone number will be your only ID in PremaTel application.

You can get a number from PrimaTel calling and receiving calls from within the application anywhere in the world. This is available in PrimaTel Pro. For more information about this plan, click here.

If you use the PrimaTel application and get your admiration, tell relatives and friends to use it to save them the expensive international communications costs.

PrimaTel has set up a worldwide network to reach any user and anywhere while maintaining a top high quality communication.

PrimaTel maintains user privacy and therefore requires no user information.

We are always interested in knowing the needs of users and then offer them the best services.

There is no inconvenience or intrusion on the Prima Tel network because it allows the user to block any intruder, and there is also a list to remove the ban if it was wrong.